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The company successfully held in Daqing oil production technology training company
Update:2015/11/21 13:47:20 Hits:1238

In order to improve the production company of Daqing oilfield perforation technology understanding of perforating equipment, to further enhance their skills, to achieve safe operation, but also in order to further enhance the company's brand image, showing the strength of science and technology and service of the great company oil concept, the company in 2012 2 at the end of week sent to Zhao chief engineer as a leader the team went to the Daqing oilfield production company technical training and technical exchanges.
In order to prepare for the technical training, the company attaches great importance to arrange special personnel to use the Spring Festival holiday time to make product animation, exchange of materials, the holiday just ended also specially arranged for the processing of product samples in order to interact with the scene.
From February 28, 2012 to March 1st, technical exchanges will be held as scheduled, testing the relevant departments of the company leaders, technical experts and field operation personnel to attend this meeting. Although the wind out of the window, but did not affect the enthusiasm of the participants. Zhou Zhao total first introduced to the participants the development process, the company's main products and explosive knowledge. Wang Xiuzhi engineering research focuses on explaining the energy provided by the company to the Daqing production product performance, principle, field assembly method and safety precautions. On site assembly with the sample, explanation and demonstration staggered, interaction with doubts, active and relaxed atmosphere. In particular, the site operators according to the actual use of the proposed rationalization proposal to improve our products provide direction.
The training by the production company leaders unanimously praised the participants, especially the sample demonstration stage, provides real opportunities for training operators, in view of the explanation demonstration, they said the company held the training, novel form, proper methods, make them to further understand the structure and the performance of the safety and operation methods of products, correct the past work in many irregularities, to truly achieve the learning and training effect.
The training and exchanges will be held successfully, not only shows the company's technological strength and oil service concept, enhance the company's image, but also from the exchange to the actual usage, and provides a way for future improvement of existing products and new product design, pointed out the direction of further understanding to technology market demand from the exchange, to capture future service oil and the wider development of information technology.