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Innovative business model to enhance competitiveness
Update:2015/11/21 13:51:04 Hits:1318
Follow the pace of the market, innovation and development ideas
With the change of oil explosive external market environment, operation and management, rely on single product sales to achieve enterprise development and expansion, improve the path of economic value added more and more difficult. Especially since 2012, PetroChina, Sinopec vigorously carry out cost control, streamline the downstream products supplier, has great influence on the company's sales and profit margins of explosive materials. In order to get rid of this trouble, the company has carried out extensive research and practical work with the aim of sustainable development, accelerating development and expanding development. It has put forward the combination of technology, product and project service, which will lead to the management idea of product sales. Through market research and demonstration, in March 2013, approved by the board of directors of the company, engineering and technical services was formally established in the wuqi.
Play the advantage of resources, establish a brand image
Engineering and technical services to focus on high-end market, specializing in horizontal wells and complex wells with high added value as the key point, taking into account the conventional perforation wells; with strong technical strength as the support, expand the service mode in the field of engineering and technical service, starting from the design of a single well, designed to meet the demand of oilfield perforation optimization scheme, from planning to implement, provide quality service to the national integration; Ye Yanqi, coal gas, geothermal exploitation, underground gas storage as an opportunity to actively participate in market competition, the development trend on Shanxi CBM project, timely to enter the coal layer gas market, and gradually realize the horizontal development, Yizhuanduoneng; more deeply involved in national field of non conventional energy exploration towards the integration of engineering and technical services.
In the management mode, and strengthen cooperation with oil companies, civil engineering management mode of engineering technology service platform and common production plant Qi Da Jianxin, to create a new pattern of public management as the starting point, the use of safety, technology, quality, strong security, reduce management costs of both sides, let the customer and the company formed a unified the interests of the community, to achieve a win-win situation. At the same time, the State Administration of work safety standard explosive construction team as an opportunity, merger, integration with the strength of the local private enterprises and small construction team, and gradually expand the scale of assets, integration of industry resources, optimize the industry environment, to achieve powerful combination. The company with strong technical strength as the foundation, make full use of the advantages of quality and other resources, to play the overall advantages of the company, the occupation and stability of the market, establish its own brand image, and gradually move to the regional industry leader position.
Strengthen team construction, realize the demand traction
In the outward expansion of the market at the same time, the company in the management innovation to dig deep, with engineering and technical services as an opportunity to research and sales, the introduction of talents and talents reserve simultaneously. In order to improve the quality of engineering and technical services, the company has hired a technical expert with many years of on-site construction experience as a technical guidance to the construction team. The new 2013 recruits college graduates, are all rushed to the Wuqi practice base, provides a good platform for the cultivation of reserve talents and reserve. Construction team as a product user to experience the customer experience, in order to provide the first hand information to accurately guide research and development and product process improvement. Scientific research, sales and technical services in the formation of a trinity of business management model, to the customer demand to lead, engineering technology services to promote the product sales cycle, effectively promote the company's overall development.
Since the engineering technical service department project was established, a total of 12 operators, divided into 1 teams and high explosive perforation 1 teams two teams, which are responsible for cable perforation and Wuqi oil production plant of high energy gas fracturing construction. Just 7 months, the completion of the construction of 140 wells, high-energy gas fracturing wells construction 117, horizontal wells construction 4, Guizhou geothermal wells 1, the cumulative output value of more than 700 yuan, is expected to achieve annual output value of ten million yuan, driving equipment sales eight million yuan.
In October 10th, special group chairman and party secretary Zhou Shengli went to the company base of investigation in Wuqi, fully affirmed and praised the business model innovation, Wuhua energy company also stressed that the quality and safety work under the great efforts of engineering services, careful maintenance and development of the market, in the market for traction, driven by new products, new technology and new technology development and application, the training team, enhance the ability to do this can contribute to the group of industrial explosive industry.