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Successful completion of a 1200 m long perforation well section
Update:2015/12/28 14:20:31 Hits:1238

Coincided with the year of the Dragon Chinese New Year approaching, January 11, 2012, China Xi'an Juneng blasting equipment limited liability company received from the Department of Zhongyuan Oilfield Puguang project a massive new year gift -- by my company exclusive perforation equipment in the longest perforation interval a perforation completion success.
The perforation wells: Wan 404-2H. The content of hydrogen sulfide in this well is very high, the horizontal well and vertical well is more than 6000 meters, and the perforation well section is 1215 meters. The well was known as one of the world's most difficult construction of gas wells, especially 1200 meters perforation section a perforation completion, is even more difficult, at present there is no domestic several cases.
Because the gas well construction is very difficult, so the beginning of the party, the company asked me to participate in the design of the perforation program, and by the company to provide exclusive perforating equipment, this is a time to my company's technical level, perforation equipment research and development capabilities, perforation equipment quality and organizational ability of the review. According to the special requirements of the perforation, the leader of our company stand in the strategic height, and gave a high degree of attention and set up a special Zhongyuan Oilfield Puguang project technology research group, give full play to the advantages of technology and makes a targeted design and bold innovation. The key to the successful implementation of the first perforation completion is the reliability of the super long distance transmission. In order to improve the reliability of long distance transmission, our company has not been reported at home and abroad, and has not been reported in the separator (has applied for national invention patent). In order to avoid the damage caused by such long perforation and well completion to the well bore, the staged initiation technique is adopted in our company. In order to realize the perforation process, we designed a double way delay transmission with delay reliability. It is these new technologies, new products, to ensure that the high difficulty well section of the long perforation well completion of a successful completion.
The perforation of the successful, show a strong scientific and technological forces of our company, once again raised the level of our company perforation technology, so that the company's perforating services into the domestic advanced ranks, but also created a new era of our company's independent completion of long oil and gas well perforation service.