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Forge ahead, in the international market
Update:2015/12/19 10:21:53 Hits:1295
Early autumn in Beijing is still hot, but the rolling heat wave in front of the leadership of the company to develop the international market determination and courage, but it is not worth mentioning. In August 29th, the general manager of the company Zhang Feng, deputy general manager Wang Feng, director of sales service department Cheng Yongfeng a line of four came to Beijing AoXin chemical technology development limited liability company to carry out technical exchanges. OSSIM companies belonging to the industrial north, occupies an important position in the direction of China explosive industry and foreign trade. Between the company and energy exchange, to get the attention of oursis company chairman Qiang Wenyu, trade department employees attended the meeting. The meeting, general manager Zhang Feng, according to the development trend of domestic perforation industry, introduced the development status and industrial advantages of the great company, has been highly recognized by the Austrian letter company, the two sides will jointly explore the international market reached a consensus on such matters.
In September 4th, the special group general manager, deputy general manager Li Qingzhong, oursis company chairman Qiang Wenyu, the company of Zhang Feng and a six to Zhenhua oil holding company launched technology exchange. Zhenhua oil holding company belong to Chinese ordnance industry group, in Iraq, Kazakhstan and other countries have business blocks. Annual output of nearly 20 million tons of crude oil. The meeting also attaches great importance to the Zhenhua oil company, general manager Liu Yijiang, Secretary of the Party committee of the original army personally attended the meeting, the two sides reached consensus on cooperation in overseas markets.
Trip to Beijing, let the company and between oursis company, Zhenhua oil companies have made a good start, but also paved the way for the company to enter the international market. International trade capacity the company from entering a new milepost.