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Multilevel pulse combined perforating fracturing technique
Update:2015/11/21 13:51:04 Hits:1280

By March 18, 2010, Xi'an Wuhua energy blasting equipment limited liability company developed the design of "long sandwich multi segment perforating multi pulse composite perforation technique in the Southwest Petroleum Bureau" the successful application of XX well. Make the production capacity of the well from about 1000 daily to about 10000 square.
For oil and gas well production is low, the transformation is difficult, commonly used methods can not effectively increase the application, research and a set of application in wells production technology to design with Xi'an Wuhua energy blasting equipment limited liability company. The technology can be used to open many oil bearing zones in a single well, and multistage pulse and high energy gas fracturing is performed on the large span section of the perforated layer.
In the conventional hanging type multi pulse composite perforation, fracturing bullet perforating gun is connected to the bottom of the following is not suitable for connection to any string, the perforated zone also often because of too long sandwich detonating booster, the energy attenuation caused incomplete perforation. In the "XX" well construction, application of "DDT device" and "detonation energizer", "multi caber initiation device and special fracturing technology makes the first screen design of the multi pulse perforation segment composite perforation after combustion into detonation, so that multistage detonating device by releasing caber, in hundreds of meters long sandwich after the initiation of a perforating gun perforation segment, and then the multi pulse composite perforation of the perforation interval.
According to different well conditions, the technology can freely choose the pipe string design, flexible and reliable. As a comprehensive application will provide strong technical support for the stimulation of oil and gas wells in old China, can get considerable social benefits and economic benefits.